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Stop wasting valuable employees’ time and let the certified media managers do what we do best. We do not charge $25/hour like most ”social media managers”, but rather around $10/day!


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Once you placed an order, a confirmation email with invoice will automatically be sent to the given email address. If for any reason an issue occurs, the order will be placed ''on hold'' and a note will be added (and sent) to your email with instructions to proceed further. After the order is complete, a completion mail will be sent. Please leave a review afterwards.

We will need any information relating to your brand/ business/ website and any existing social media pages. We can start from scratch as well. The more information, the better!

Before publishing the first post, we will need 1-2 days to read your niche, do research, create graphic designs, and produce content for each of them. Rest assured, these will not count towards your days in active management.

We have years of experience in this field and have proven to my clients that I am a working and reliable person. We have the certificates to prove our reliance in this field. As we progress, we will also get more (positive) reviews. We do not gain anything from purposefully afflicting a bad image on your brand. We hope for a long term connection, which is where most of our revenue comes from. All our relationships with our clients should be a win-win. 

Graphics, captions and relevant hashtags.

Yes, we can continue managing your page on a long-term basis if you like my work. You can contact us for custom payment plans. Recurring billing can be set up, with discounts.

No! Having 2FA enabled is not a problem at all. 

In fact, even without 2FA, sometimes a confirmation code will be sent to the beneficiaries of the social media accounts. In this case, if we do not have access to the email accounts, we will send a note to the buyer with instructions (often times, when a representative is online - you will need to speak to the bot during our working hours so we can take over, and we will sort you out further, no problem).

Only your social media accounts will suffice. Your email could also improve our speed by a lot in case we encounter problems along the way, but it is not necessary. 

Absolutely! In fact, we recommend you change the password before and after our social media services. This is just to ensure trust and a smooth transaction with no further consequences.

We hire multiple social media managers (with extensive qualifications and fluency in English) in lower-labour cost countries. All the managers are privately sourced and receive the largest % of the revenue. 

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